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Upcoming Church Events

July 14-19 - Juniors to Camp Patmos

Friday, July 18 - 7:00pm - Ice Cream Social sponsored by the Women's Missionary Fellowship.  Please bring a "baby shower" gift for Faith Baptist Community Center.

Sunday, July 20 - 6:00pm - Hear Dr. Chatla Deva Sahayam from India.

August 18-21 - Lorain County Fair Ministry

Sunday, Sept 14 - 6:00pm - Third Annual "First In Concert" featuring First Baptist Church musicians.

Sunday, Sept 28 - 6:00pm - Hear Missionaries David and Melody Yoshida (BMM, Japan)

October 4-8 - Annual Missions Conference

Sunday, Dec 7 - 6:00pm - Hear Rev. Bill Brittain, Director of Baptist Children's Home